Pickpocket is a "big game", meaning it's played in a large area with a large group of people. I designed it to be an "ambient" game, meant to be played between the cracks at games festivals. First introduced at the Steel City Games Fest in 2011, it has also appeared at Come out and Play and Indiecade East.

In Pickpocket, players keep flags sticking from their pockets and try to steal other players' flags without being noticed. All flags a player owns must be placed in a pocket with the end sticking out, making more successful players more of a target. Players who lose all their flags can re-join the game simply by stealing a flag.

I created this game as a solo effort. I was partially motivated by the desire to practice the skill of pickpocketing without having to resort to actual theft. I also created a reverse version of this game as a Christmas event where players try to plant small gifts on unsuspecting recipients.