Moonshine is a "big game", meaning it's played in a large area with a large group of people. First introduced at the Come out and Play festival in 2012, it won "Best Use of Space".

In Moonshine, players play either as smugglers trying to sneak "moonshine" around the space or as cops trying to catch the smugglers. The two teams of players deal with asymmetric information and abilities. Smugglers get exact locations for pick-up and drop-off, but only receive information via SMS. Cops only get general locations that smugglers are active, but have the use of walkie-talkies to coordinate in real-time.

I created this game with a partner, the very talented Shula Ehrlich! Together, we collaborated on the game design, breakdown of space, and production of game materials. I led the effort in facilitation and the port of the game to Pittsburgh's City of Play festival.