Micromancer is an eeeevil strategy game that was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 33, winning #8 overall in the ratings contest. The strategy changes as each level progresses, first requiring the player to be stealthy and careful, but eventually reaching a tipping point in which the undead horde is totally unstoppable!

I worked on Micromancer as part of a passionate and multi-talented team known as Team Radmars. Each jam, we brainstorm each game's content and initial design as a group, then we break out into our more specific roles, which often change game-to-game.

In the case of Micromancer, I took the lead on level design and supported in environment art. Through the level design, I carefully introduced enemies and mechanics and produced numerous unique scenarios for the player to tackle. I also produced a portion of the environment tile set and skinned many of the levels.

The game is free to play on the web right here!