Chamball is a new sport that could be described as "martial arts meets dodgeball and twenty feet of rope". Players try to hit each other with the ball in the target areas of torso, upper arms, and upper legs. The trick is, the ball is attached to a rope anchored in the center of the court!

The game is fun and fast-paced, with wide, arcing sweeps of the ball and agile movements of players. It has its own vocabulary of moves, techniques, and strategies, many of which rely on the unique relationship between the rope and the ball.

I became interested in Chamball after playing an early version at Come out and Play and became a regular player. Over time, I became a co-collaborator in the game's design, helping to explore the possibility space and discover the soul of the game. We discovered that the game's core rested upon swinging the rope in interesting ways, so we tweaked the design to foster and facilitate that behavior.