The Meaning of BEEP

The Meaning of Beep is a context clues game developed in collaboration with BrainPOP and published on their site. This game is an adaptation of The Meaning of PLUH, a successful tabletop game that I helped create for English classes at Quest to Learn.

Gameplay centers around the use of context clues to guess synonyms of a missing word presented in three different sentences. As each sentence is revealed, players make guesses and vote on the best ones. When the answers are revealed, players earn points on their correct guesses and votes.

While context clues are the core of Meaning of Beep, the game’s content can be geared towards a variety of domains and disciplines. Each game of Meaning of Beep uses a BrainPOP topic as the source of the words and sentences used during gameplay, allowing the game to be used standalone or as part of a larger unit.

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